• Christine Aden
    Christine AdenProfessional Staff
  • Taylor Beth Bolton
    Taylor Beth BoltonProfessional Staff
  • Stacey Byrd, EA
    Stacey Byrd, EAProfessional Staff
  • Noah Carbonell
    Noah CarbonellProfessional Staff
  • Erin Crooks
    Erin CrooksProfessional Staff
  • Page Cole, CPA
    Page Cole, CPAProfessional Staff
  • Kelli Gough
    Kelli GoughProfessional Staff
  • Kathy Henson
    Kathy HensonOffice Manager
  • Erica Hogeland
    Erica HogelandProfessional Staff
  • Kathy Keymon
    Kathy KeymonPayroll Specialist
  • Dottie Kisner
    Dottie KisnerReceptionist
  • Kelly Latimer
    Kelly LatimerAdministrative Assistant
  • Elizabeth Mask
    Elizabeth MaskProfessional Staff
  • Kristi Mendez, EA
    Kristi Mendez, EASenior Tax Manager
  • Cullyn Moore, CPA
    Cullyn Moore, CPAProfessional Staff
  • Alli Rogers
    Alli RogersProfessional Staff
  • Angela Smith
    Angela SmithProfessional Staff
  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley WilliamsProfessional Staff

Over my many years of business counseling, I have found Steele Martin Jones an excellent source for small businesses.

Joel Newman

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