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Kevin McKenzie, a partner at Steele Martin Jones, lives in Parsons, TN, where he also maintains an office that he works from a couple of days a week. He is ready to help Parsons area and Decatur County residents with their accounting needs.

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Kevin McKenzie, CPA
Parsons Office Phone: (731) 847-7700

Kevin and his family live in Parsons. After owning his own business for several years, Kevin joined Steele Martin Jones. Kevin was named a partner in 2013. He enjoys working with small- to medium-sized businesses, particularly in the areas of tax planning and business consulting.

We’re big enough for special issues, but small enough to take care of individual needs.

With a focus on small-to-medium-sized businesses, we specialize in accounting, tax preparation, local payroll services and working for our clients with the IRS.

Since I opened my doors in 1982, Steele Martin Jones has done my accounting, including payroll, taxes and monthly profit/loss statements. They are professional and exact and handle my accounting in a timely manner.

Bob Baudo, Owner, Old Town Spaghetti Store

Steele Martin Jones delivers first-class service, with the Southern charm of a smaller firm, where someone always answers the phone, recognizes me, and takes care of what I need, regardless of the season.

Dr. Kim Charlton

Over my many years of business counseling, I have found Steele Martin Jones an excellent source for small businesses.

Joel Newman

This team is the best team. From day one, they’ve treated me like family.

Leah Daniel, Owner, LD2

I have a small marketing company. I was spending hours trying to do my accounting with QuickBooks. No more. Steele Martin Jones does it all for me now. What a relief!

Mary Reed, Owner, Reed: A Marketing Company
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